Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easy Fabric Bucket Tutorial

This is my version of the easy fabric bucket that I came up with back when I had more time than money and needed some simple baskets for the kids or a way to wrap a gift for a friend. Even if you’ve never sewn before, trust me, you can tackle this with the simplest of ease and if you can’t…well back away from the sewing machine mama, there is simply no hope for you.

Both the inside and outside of the bucket are made the same, making this completely reversible. Once you’ve mastered the simple bucket you can spice it up with handles, appliqu├ęs, or even a quilted stripy pattern on one side.

Rotary cutter
Regular sewing supplies
Canvas, duck cloth, denim, or any other heavy fabric. This will allow you to make the bucket stand without having to add any interfacing or batting.

First Step:
For the outside of the bucket you will need to cut 1= 10” x 22” strip of fabric and 1= 7” circle
For the inside of the bucket you will need to cut an identical set with the same measurements as above. I would recommend using two coordinating fabrics, and then if you fold the top down you’ll get a bit of flair showing.

Second Step:
Placing right sides together (along the 7” side), pin and sew (I use ¼” seams) the ends to make a tube. You’ll do the same with the other strip of fabric.

Third Step:
With the wrong side facing out, pin the circle to the bottom of the tube. To avoid frustration when it comes time to sew, make sure you spend the time pinning the base evenly around. Sew around the base using ¼” seams.

Do the same to the second tube and circle base.

Fourth Step:
Turn the outside of the bucket right side out and place inside of the outside of the bucket. Sounds confusing I know just look at the sample picture and make sure that both the inside and outside pieces have the right sides of the fabric facing each other.

Fifth Step:
Match up the raw edges at the top of the bucket and trim any unnecessary threads. Sew along the top with a 1/4” seam leaving an opening approximately 3-4” wide open (un-stitched). You’ll use this un-stitched section to pull the entire bucket through which will leave a nice finished seam at the top.

Sixth Step:
This is where an iron comes in really handy, carefully iron the seam at the top making sure the fabric is pulled as to not leave a large gap of fabric. This will help to make sure the top of your bucket is even all the way around. Lastly, you’ll sew the 3” opening shut and secure both fabrics together by stitching along the top edge. Again, a 1/4” or topstitch if you have the appropriate sewing foot works well.

Now fill and enjoy!

I’ve used these over the years to wrap gifts, hold odds and ends or placed on my children’s dressers in coordinating colors to hide their “treasures” that just don’t fit the theme of their room.

Now post a link, I'd love to see your version.

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