Sisters with Flair

Annie Lane Home Tour

Are any of you super nosey and love seeing how others live?  So I decided it was only fair to let others see how I live, plus it gave me an excuse to clean....  and I always need a reason to motivate me to clean!

Here is a glimpse of my ever changing home....

Dining room off the front door- I love the orange ceiling!  And the large photos on the back wall are my parents when they were little, each on a horse!


Entry Table- My hubby made it after I drooled over the one at Pottery Barn. It was his 5yr anniversary present to me. 5yr gift is supposed to be wood so this worked out quite nicely!  Total cost, only $200 for parts & tools!

Close up shots of my edgeless frames and bomobob prints from  Total cost for frames and photos is under $60
Stair case Gallery Wall- Work in Progress. I'm thinking of painting the frames fun, bold colors.

Office is right off the front door, opposite of the dining room.  It makes me smile every time I walk by!

View from front door into Family Room- Vintage metal road sign stencils from a flea market. My room color inspiration!


I heart my zebra striped rug


My pillow find that made me realize I was on the right track with this color scheme.

We can't forget the mason jar chandy that took far longer to install than to make!

My stinky trunks that I love as a side table but note to self: DO NOT OPEN. You'll smell like a 90 year old man's leather shoes.

The kitchen is right off the family room.  When we moved in, it was denim blue laminate counters with blue & peach tile floors and matching backsplash.  You're probably thinking "Why would she get rid of that?".  Don't worry though, I left some in my laundry room in case you miss it.

Morgan's Pre-teen bedroom:  Loud, fun & completely her!

Turquoise painted dresser- How do tv shows make painting a dresser look easy?  Not so much!  Glass knobs are from Hobby Lobby.
My favorite part of the room. The canvas I painted with my favorite song lyrics- the littlest bird sings the prettiest song..... paper birds top it off.

The Santa Chair- She asked Santa for a white sparkly chair for Christmas. Santa found her a furry one. Close enough right?

Martha Stewart inspired clipboards are the perfect clutter catcher! Jewelry, photos, hair clips, momentos all find a home on this wall.

Tissue pom poms and paper lanterns oh my! Can't forget the white polka's made from cardstock and 3M spray adhesive. Good thing I didn't painstakingly paint them!

Kimball's Room-

My wall of K's. Still working on replacing all the vinyl ones with vintage flea market finds. It's a process. Apparantly the letter K is the most popular. I learned that AFTER naming him. I might have changed his name had I known!

The guest bathroom. The first cabinet painting experience. I didn't love the work it entailed but I loved the result!

The frame was glued onto the boring mirror. Inspired by a Nate Berkus makeover I saw. So happy I did it!

The master bedroom- The armoire was a 7yr anniversary gift. Inspired from a Land of Nod armoire. Vintage handle was found at an antique show. I so love this!

What? You don't have a saw horse for a bench at the end of your bed? It's a real shin digger at night!

His bedside table. Old vintage ruler with family photos and letters. YES, they are from my family and not strangers!

My side table- I have 8 orchids in the house. I'm obsessed with them. The ceramic egg crate is perfect for bracelets, rings and necklaces.

The photos above the bed make me smile every time. My 9 year old took them while we were at an old cemetary. It's very rare that I have photos of the two of us. I'm glad I handed over the camera that day!

More room makeovers to come, if I can get off the computer and stop drooling over all the blogs I admire!