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Sunday, December 26, 2010

turquoise dresser

This is just the beginning to my daughters bedroom makeover. When I tell you it is a pain in the bucket to re-do a bedroom for Christmas- BELIEVE me! Never again! One room renovation trickled on to a 3 room re-do. Might as well do her bathroom, I think to myself. Oh, and the other child will feel bad if she doesn't have a nifty new room, so I better do something special for her. And there goes my every second of the next 3 weeks! As if December ain't crazy enough! We decided to switch dressers between the girls rooms and paint M's new dresser her new favorite color turquoise. Her favorite color will probably switch tomorrow, so I'm thinking this dresser will have about 6 layers of paint on it before she goes to college.

Steps for finishing a dresser:

1. There is NO EASY WAY to do this. No product out there is magic. Nothing to come save you hours and hours of time. So, DO NOT try to buy paint and slap it on. You will regret it.

2. After my husband bought regular paint at the store, he sanded the entire dresser really well and began painting.

3. Wow! That was easy! ...... Wrong! Latex paint would not stick to a 40 year old dresser. Back to the specialty store to buy OIL based paint and primer and paint stripper.

4. My husband spent an extra 15 hour stripping and sanding all because he didn't use expensive oil based paint to begin with.

5. With the dresser now down to the bare bones, he primed it with oil based primer, tinted gray.

6. Paint with oil based paint and a brush. Let dry and do several coats.

7. Add texture with some gel glaze by minwax. We put it on too thick and used a clean rag and paint thinner (we use alot of that stuff around hear) to remove the excess glaze.

8. Add knobs and Walah! My daughter squealed when she saw it. A true designer at heart.

So the moral of the story is THERE IS NO EASY WAY. Do it right the first time. When I see these 24 hour makeovers on TV they make it look so easy. But have you every seen a close up in High Definition? It ain't pretty folks and even though I'm not a perfectionist, (thankfully my husband is) even I have standards!
Stay tuned for my daughter's bedroom reveal.... It's only a few craft projects away!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Letters to my family

You remember how ultra (pour on the cheese & pull out the tissues) sentimental I am? I am grateful however, that I'm not a hoarder or this issue could be catastrophic! For Christmas one year I decided to write each of my family members a letter telling them how I felt about them. The letters consisted of memories of growing up, how I felt the day they came home from the hospital as babies, the funny things I remember about them, etc. It was theraputic to relive these memories in my letters. It made me happy to remember how kind my brothers were to me, how creative my siblings were on lazy Sunday afternoons and how thoughtful my sisters were. After I compiled letters to all 6 siblings and both of my parents and mailed them, I then made a book for my dad. I made the book thru a book editor online. It was complicated. It was miserable. It took forever and I would NOT recommend it. While I think my dad enjoyed the book and having these memories written down (I definitely get my sentimental side from him) I thought the book binding process could've been better. I always wanted to make one for my own family but the task has seemed daunting to go thru the process all over again. Then I thought how easy it would be to do it thru my favorite online scrapbook company and complete it with pictures. Because you know how much I love pictures! The finished product came in the mail the other day and I can't wait to give it to my husband and children on Christmas morning. However, I don't think it will be quite the reaction I would want (no one is as sentimentally challenged as me) I think they'll appreciate it in their own way. It makes me happy to know that if something happens to me or my loved ones, I will have told them how much they've meant to me. These letters bring me peace and this book is one way to show my family how much I love them. I used and here is my finished product.

Each child and hubby have a two page layout with a letter from me.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mini bathroom pick me up

So it's 10 days before Christmas. Most people are wrapping gifts, finishing their shopping lists, mailing gifts, baking treats and just enjoying this fun season. What am I doing? I'm redo-ing my daughters bedroom. Sounds insane even to me! And why just stop at a bedroom? The bathroom is just a few feet away and I don't want it to clash! So I throw in a bathroom makeover as well. Seriously, what's wrong with me? Why do I feel the need to make life more chaotic? Since I had painters coming for my daughter's bedroom, (you'll see her makeover after Christmas) I felt the need to get this bathroom done too. I had very little time to think about it and just threw it together in a night. Not my best work, but the kids love it and my eyes are getting used to the neon green. I thought I was pretty good at selecting colors, but this was not the best choice. It's granny apple green by Behr and it's BRIGHT! It's a small bathroom, shared by the 3 kids and I had to make it more gender neutral. Here's the interesting before's.

In case you were wondering, No I did not paint Ivy and bugs on the wall. If you thought I did, you don't me well!Yellow, blue and lady bugs. Sounds pretty but in reality, just odd. This bathroom has been neglected since we moved in. My kids never use it and it's just been one of those someday projects. Here's what some last minute Target shopping can do for a well needed makeover.
What's a makeover without some polka dots? You know I can't resist polka dots!

This bathroom certainly won't win any creative awards, but it's done and the girls are excited. Maybe they'll start using it now and stay out of my bathroom & the guest bathroom. Honestly, the bugs have scared them at night. Can't say I blame them. Goodbye bugs, grasshoppers and ivy. Hello apple green and turquoise.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Mantel

So this year I needed to go more modern Christmas and tone down the country Christmas that I've done for years. While I love the sentimental ornaments I pull out each year, I remembered how clausterphobic I felt with all the decorations. I need to de-clutter my Christmas and it's made me feel a little less stressful with having less around the home and taking up every inch of wall and table space. Less is more they say and I'm embracing it! I keep seeing all white & silver Christmas decorations and they just ooze glam. Throw in a touch of blue/turquoise and I feel like I'm finally an adult and less college-dorm. After putting up some fun items from Hobby Lobby on my mantel, it needed one more thing. That's when I decided to make a garland with fun papers.

I bought a 2" circle punch at Joann's, and found paper in silver, white and turquoise. 5 different papers in all. I wanted to make sure the back of the garland was just as pretty as the front incase it turned. Which it does. I carefully put two circles together, held on tight, and prayed I didn't sew a finger! After each circle was sewn, I continued on to the next circle. Carefully holding them so the front and back wouldn't slip. You really only get one shot at this if you're sewing to make it continuous. I thought about having a ribbon glued in between the papers if you were hesitant to sew. Same idea. It really wasn't hard to sew though. I took a piece of string and draped it on my mantel to see how long I would want it. Mine ended up being 90" long. And 5 pieces of 12x12" paper is more than enough. Some were only 8.5x11". The whole project took about 40 minutes from start to finish. Quick and easy and I'm ready to make more for birthday parties!

While my street art above the mantel isn't very Christmassy, it is the right color! And it does say, industrial glam doesn't it? Either way- I'm liking that the whole mantel only cost $65.