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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mini bathroom pick me up

So it's 10 days before Christmas. Most people are wrapping gifts, finishing their shopping lists, mailing gifts, baking treats and just enjoying this fun season. What am I doing? I'm redo-ing my daughters bedroom. Sounds insane even to me! And why just stop at a bedroom? The bathroom is just a few feet away and I don't want it to clash! So I throw in a bathroom makeover as well. Seriously, what's wrong with me? Why do I feel the need to make life more chaotic? Since I had painters coming for my daughter's bedroom, (you'll see her makeover after Christmas) I felt the need to get this bathroom done too. I had very little time to think about it and just threw it together in a night. Not my best work, but the kids love it and my eyes are getting used to the neon green. I thought I was pretty good at selecting colors, but this was not the best choice. It's granny apple green by Behr and it's BRIGHT! It's a small bathroom, shared by the 3 kids and I had to make it more gender neutral. Here's the interesting before's.

In case you were wondering, No I did not paint Ivy and bugs on the wall. If you thought I did, you don't me well!Yellow, blue and lady bugs. Sounds pretty but in reality, just odd. This bathroom has been neglected since we moved in. My kids never use it and it's just been one of those someday projects. Here's what some last minute Target shopping can do for a well needed makeover.
What's a makeover without some polka dots? You know I can't resist polka dots!

This bathroom certainly won't win any creative awards, but it's done and the girls are excited. Maybe they'll start using it now and stay out of my bathroom & the guest bathroom. Honestly, the bugs have scared them at night. Can't say I blame them. Goodbye bugs, grasshoppers and ivy. Hello apple green and turquoise.

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  1. Well, I know you're surprised I like something turquoise and apple green, but I think it looks great! I don't think the green is overpowering at all- is it crazier in person? LOVE the rug- Target, you say??