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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This is for you mom

So I'm still here mom.  (My mom is the sole reason I blog.  I Keep her updated on my life and my home that she just barely got to see for the first time.)  Here's what's changed since you came last month!
My new Christmas Present- obviously it wasn't a table and chairs.  It was this very industrial looking light.  It was only wired for one 60 watt light bulb, but dontcha worry.  With a handy husband it's now wired to 600 watts.  You need sunglasses to look at it!  And I'm not exaggerating....

Like the vacuum on the floor by my kitchen chairs?  whoops..... We are hi-tech here!  I'm dreaming of a new kitchen table set.  I'm thinking metal chairs.....

Here's Taylor's room/ guest room when people come.  When we moved to this house I had to give up my 5th bedroom.  Taylor's a champ about it.  My sister and I put up this gallery wall in 20 minutes!  Not a single leveler or extra mistake hole insight!  No cut out paper taped to the wall, no measuring.  We just layed it on the ground to figure out the lay out and eye balled it.  It was awesome!  With a perfectionist husband, this project would've taken 2 or more hours.  Not with Renee- she is fast!  It was part of her Christmas present to me.  She wanted to help me cross something off my To-Do list for Christmas.  Awesome gift right?!


You can't really tell, but these ceilings are 12ft high.  It's a challenge to decorate.
I still need to paint these dressers something fun.  And I have some twirly branches and spray paint planned for the wall above the bed.  Can't wait for this room to be complete!

This chair is a little bit of an eye sore but oh how this girl loves reading in it!


Close up on the things I've been collecting.  Need to add a few things to the frames- but hey, they're hung!

The turquoise wreath, Mandy made me.  The frame with the pop art picture of Taylor was made by Renee a few years back.  I think I might paint it. But oh how I love being a step closer to done!  What do you think mom?


  1. I really don't think I am your only reader, but thanks Andrea - I almost feel like I'm there with you. This looks great!

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