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Friday, August 12, 2011

T-shirt dresses

My newest obsession is t-shirt dresses. I've always secretly wanted to be a clothing designer. When I was younger I would sketch out prom dresses during church. I have one major flaw though. Sewing! I'm really bad at it. I've got no patience for threading bobbins and changing thread and dealing with knots. I'm no perfectionist either and that's never a good thing when sewing or cutting! I'm really good at dreaming though, and picking out fabrics. The new school year starts in just one week and the outfit choices in the mall are LAME! I love the girly boutiques but not a fan of the prices, especially when considering they'll somehow come home with chocolate pudding stains (even though I didn't pack them chocolate pudding). So I'm off to dream and with a whole lot of help from my seamstress mother (why couldn't she pass her sewing genuis on to me? not that she didn't try!) my girls will be sporting these unique ensembles this school year. Here are some of my inspirations:

How stinkin cute is this dress found here at Made by Lex.

Or this one found at jcrew. Even someone whose allergic to sewing should be able to pull of making this right? It will probably fall apart in the washer with my skillz....

Another one from jcrew because lets face it, they are the ULTIMATE on chic yet simple design.

Or these beauties found here ,I love the striped top! I can totally do this, right?

This is a younger version and more of the boutique style I see. Found on lily blue boo website here. Seriously, this idea is genuis. I could never sew sleeves and a proper neckline. With a simple t-shirt or tank, I don't have to!

So, do you think I can do this? I'll try anyway. Hopefully my girls won't have a "clothing malfunction" before lunch......

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  1. Oh, I'd love to do this with you! We could totally figure it out, I think.