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Friday, October 30, 2009

A very Griswald Halloween

This is our 4th Halloween in good ol Texas and in never stops to amaze me the fortune people spend on this (holiday). I use the word holiday loosly. We have trunk or treats, costume parades, Booing neighbors, picking out pumpkins, carving pumpkins, making treats for all you neighbors, spending $50 on candy to give away, and then there's the lawn decor. You have never seen so many lawn ornaments in all your life! The pretend cemetaries, skulls hanging from tree branches, witches stuck in the ground, orange flashing lights hung from the roof, and don't even get me started on the blowup headless horsemen! It's unbelievable! I'm all for celebrating eating chocolate, but really people- do I have to see grown men in tights and wigs? Its just disturbing! I can't let my children be the ONLY kids in school show up without a Halloween shirt, so this was my last minute improvise. I took these shirts and spookedified them. (real word I'm sure) I cut up an old orange t-shirt and used dmc floss to stitch it onto the t-shirt. And what girl can go to school without a matching hair clip. Mine sure can't! (They also can't come home with them either! Morgan lost hers in first 20 minutes of school and had to borrow Taylor's for the picture) So here is my version of a cheap halloween shirt. It cost $4.50 at walmart and only 90min of time each. You better love them girls!

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