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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Applique- It's the new Bling

You know how most people veg all night after trick-or-treating? Maybe pop some popcorn and watch a movie, then fall asleep. Well, who can sleep with all this sugar and chocolate?!!! I can't stop dreaming of shirts to bedazzle with fabric, my little fingers can't cut fast enough! My little baby is having his first b-day party and I just had to make shirts for his little girl-friend and his buddy. I embroidered shirts for all the guests at the girls first b-days and just had to do something for my 3rd. (Because he TOTALLY cares. yeah, right.) Thank you mom for teaching me to applique! I'm pretty awful at the sewing part, but that's what LOUD fabric is for, right? I better go and finish the lime colored playdough! I'm feeling a sugar low coming on, gonna have to dig into the bowl for another snickers. The top of the fridge is not high enough to keep me away from you- my sugary goodness! I think I'm about to have myself another delicious moment.

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