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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabric Heaven or Fabric Hell.O?

Have you looked for fabric lately? It's been ridiculous to find anything cool or hip these days at my local fabric store. I'm dreaming of funky fabrics for draperies & pillows but the options are pathetic. When I have a vision in my mind I want to jump on it and re-create it. Then I go shopping for the object, such as wallpaper or fabric and I hit a wall. I'm back circa 10 years ago and sifting through the same fabrics I used for my bedroom comforter that I made (& changed since then) 9 years ago. It's ridiculous that the same fabric is being sold at the same store! Then I came across this site Spoonflower a few weeks ago and have been giddy ever since. I would love to be a fabric designer and guess what? I can! Not that I'm going to, but it's still nice to have that option. When one of my favorite blogs (click here) just blogged about fabric they designed, I thought, Ok! It is possible. Anything's possible. My childrens artwork can become fabric for their bedding or blankets. My favorite quote can be made into napkins. Eyeing some canvas purses at Fossil for a hefty price? I can make my own! The possibilities are endless and now I'm dreaming again of something completely unique. But I also love that you can purchase other's designs you can choose the different weight of the material as well. No more boring fabric! Hell-O original, fresh, completely Off da Hook fabrics! Now I gotta get some sewing skills to go along with my new found passion for fabric & watch out window treatments!

I'm on a yellow kick lately. Thinking of these fabrics for lovely drapes....

This fabric could be my inspiration for my son's big boy bedroom. I love these colors...

Imagine this- your cute little baby on a yard of this fabric with the date circled for her ONE YEAR birthday. Then make it into a pillow keepsake, I love it! I'd buy this fabric and circle the date I won Publishers Clearing House. Oh, you didn't know? I'm totally going to win this year!

Spring banner, be still my heart.

Drapes for the office. I love classic black & white.

My next hobo purse is totally gonna be this fabric. Something about a fun purse makes me feel hip, 15 lbs lighter & 30% cuter. Am I right?

Go to this site. Get hooked. Make something fabulous & let me drool over it. I really wish this site sold sewing motivation. Sewing is my kryptonite.....

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  1. I was floored when i heard about designing your own fabric (or buying someone else's hip creation) at this site. I like your choices!