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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Look Ma! I'm finished!!!

Well, I finally got a little nesting finished, good thing the baby's only FOUR months old now! Ha. My mom came to visit me way, way back in September and I came up with this brilliant idea to make a random quilt for Zeke's big boy bed. Turns out "random" also translates into "ridiculously difficult to accomplish." I'm used to making quilts with patterns to follow, but we just made this up as we went. Thank goodness mom was there to tell me what to sew together otherwise this would still be sitting in the bottom of my to-do box. But we did finish the top back in September and then I got it all ready to hand quilt and my motivation suddenly stopped- for about 6 months while it sat in the corner. Back before I had kids I used to sit and hand quilt all the time while I watched tv. Now when I sit in front of the tv, I'm either nursing, folding laundry, or dusting furniture. Life has changed for me a bit. So I gave up the idea of hand quilting this puppy and sent it off to be machine quilted. I used to be a bit of a machine quilt snob and looked down on anyone who didn't hand quilt. But let me tell you, I initially had some conditional love for this quilt...the condition was that it needed to look good when it was all finished because I was nervous of how random it looked when it was first pieced. But I was ECSTATIC when I saw it all machine quilted. This lady put a whole lot of work into this thing and it shows. I absolutely love it. Granted, it is the most expensive quilt I've made when you add in the price of machine quilting, but I really think it's a quilt Zeke will love for a long, long time. I mean, seriously, who doesn't love something with their name on it? A couple pics on the bed. I totally love the striped fabric on the back- good find mom! Just so we're clear here, this, is an alien. It is NOT a frog. Thank you. I just love the "smoke" that she quilted into my spaceship and the "USA" definitely makes it look less like a fish.:) Seriously, I think I'm in love. Either that or I'm confusing love with the feeling of accomplishment that I finally got this project DONE! Now I need to work on a sham to match. Hopefully that won't take 6 more months...
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  1. Ok- I think you turned me onto this machine quilting thing. It looks awesome! And I totally can tell its an alien not a frog! I love and can't wait to see the whole room finished. I need some ideas on K's room, hint, hint!

  2. It is AMAZING!!! Congratulations on finishing!

  3. Wow, I LOVE the final result and the machine quilting really pulled it all together. Mom did an awesome job of teaching us how to hand quilt.

    Like you, I was a machine quilt snob too and then the woman who sold me my sewing machine with the machine quilt option explained that it definitely had its time and place. She explained that when her mom's arthritis got so bad she spent weeks depressed because she thought she couldn't give her grandchildren anymore pieced quilts and learning to machine quilt gave her that option back. I've also discovered that sometimes it's just fun!!

    Way to go on this one. I'm so excited to see how well it turned out!

  4. Beautiful job! I love the colors. I am amazed! Yay! for finishing!