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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

decisions decisions

So I saw this amazing dining room makeover on this blog here and I haven't stopped dreaming about it. The hot pink pillows have me drooling! I love how unexpected and completely unique the whole room is! I have a home office right off my entry way that either needs a complete makeover or I need to turn myself into the show Hoarders. It's awful, embarrassing, keep the lights off and door closed at all times BAD! I too have the chair rail and crown molding. I currently have a declaration of independence wall paper thing going on. (Previous owners choice not mine) When I saw this amazing wall that looked like a piece of art rather than wall paper, it made my heart skip a beat. But have you ever tried to search for wall paper online? I have, and it takes me back to 1988 with fruit basket borders and plastic grapes. Eww. Then I came across the mother of all sights for wall papering funkyness called Design Public. Another site I've liked is from Design your Wall found here. I was left feeling hopeful that wall paper has changed and I no longer need to hold back my natural GAG reflex when viewing. So here are my choices and I need some help. I can't decide which color scheme to go for. The whole house is a very neutral gray. The room directly across from my office is the dining room with it's orange ceiling that I'm in love with. Even after 1.5 years, who knew I could keep a room color that long? And the adjoining family room is grey, charcoal, cream and adding some funky yellow drapes soon. So do I need it to go with my whole house colors since I have glass french doors into this office or can I go bold and not care? I also have black painted desks that I really don't want to repaint, so my color choices have to work with black accents. Keep in mind, I'm only wall papering one wall and from the chair railing up, like the above dining room I'm packing my bags to move into as we speak! This black, white & yellow color scheme seem like they would flow into the rest of the house easily enough. I'm tending to want to go this route, but am worried it's too safe.
Some part of me wants people to walk in my front door and just laugh, because that's what I'd do if I saw a hot pink room off the entry. This is definitely NOT safe and I'm quite sure it would make me smile everytime I "work".
This is my very safe, very neutral choice. But you know me, I'm neither of those things. Something about the calm of this room makes me like it. My current office is definitely NOT calm!
I think I like the idea of a black wall. If I ever opened the blinds in this cavernous office, I'm pretty sure I'd have a lot of light coming through so I wouldn't be too claustrophobic. And let me just add, I've NEVER opened the blinds in this room, it's been bad for that long!

Here's another hot pink and silver. I just love this color scheme. It's subtle right? :)
I have other rooms in my home that have turquoise in them so this wouldn't steer too far from home. Hmm....

So my color scheme choices are 1. black & yellow 2. hotpink & black 3. black & white & grey or 4. black & turquoise. Help me pretty please with chocolate on top!


  1. Hmmm, I'm torn between the pink and the turquoise, I really like how the damask in the turquoise one is just a little different. Good luck deciding!

  2. I love the last one too for your house. It is totally cute. I actually like the pink too. It goes with your fun personality. Which is what you love. Remember live in what you love. OR chances are you will hate it. I have steered from that already in this house and end up re doing it. Which then cost more money. So go with what YOU like/love.

  3. #1 or #4 I really like either of those!

  4. I like #3 with a some splashes of color (yellow, pink or turquoise) thrown in there as well. Seems easier to do that and change out the splashes in a year rather than redoing the whole room. But then again...I'm a neutral safe kind of person :-)

  5. Go bold!! I love #4- black & turquoise!! I think the turquoise would compliment your funky yellow drapes in the other room. And your black furniture would flow great with the colors in #4 too. You could hop in some mustard yellow pillows/accents with the turquoise- that would be beautiful!
    I also like your "safe" choice with #3 and then you could really pop some color with your accents (I still like the turquoise or mustard yellow colors for your accent colors!)

    It really did help to get samples from the wallpaper companies and tape them on my wall for a couple days to see it in different light...just a suggestion!
    Thanks for featuring my dining room!!