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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Craft Envy

I'm dreaming right now. A million projects are floating in my brain. Where to begin? I've got extreme craft envy. I want to know how to create amazing things. My mind just isn't big enough to grasp these technological instructions that are holding me back from creating the masterpieces in my head. My crafty goals/dreams this year are to learn:

1. How to make amazing videos like this one below.

The Nielsons from Blue Lily Photo on Vimeo.

I finally figured out how to use the video mode on the Canon 7 D and it only took 2 classes and about 13 months to figure it out. Yeah, that's how difficult it is to wrap my mind around technology. Now I just have to figure out the editing software program. YIKES!

2. Creating amazing posters and stationary like this below. How great would this be for your kid's parties!

Found here on

And I've already downloaded and printed this poster here at Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone for free. These posters sell on between $18-23 a pop. And she giving it away! Seriously, I must know how to do this! This looks great printed on linen- like cardstock!

3. I totally need to figure out how to take and edit photos like these pretty babies. Found here on I already purchased this set and have something in mind for them. And won't it go great with the quote above and the ferris wheel?

I want to take this carnival set and modge podge them to wood that's been cut to the same size. Like this picture below. Sigh, I'm in love with it.
So this is what I spend my time day dreaming of, instead of cleaning toilets and doing laundry and making amazing dinners. I dream of crafting. It makes fishing match box cars and whole rolls of toilet paper out of the toilet a little less painful when I dream of being a crafty genius! Someday....


  1. Andrea, when you figure all this out invite me over to learn from you. I ADORE that bottom collage of pictures too. How gorgeous. :) All of it is so cute.

  2. oh, I'm in love with this what can i take down so i can put it up!?