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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Watch out- Mandy's in the kitchen!

Just call me "Mandy- great at copying everyone's ideas." Seriously, I lack in the originality department, but every once in a while I do excel in the follow-through. Like today, got my menu board done. Found the idea on this awesome blog and HAD to do it for my house. I usually try to do just one big shopping trip every two weeks and then we get bountiful baskets every week too. I've been trying to cook more lately and having a plan BEFORE I go grocery shopping helps me organize what I need and I'm not wasting much food since I really try to stick to my plan.(Hello run-on sentence) So I pulled out the old vinyl cutter last night and got to work.

And I wrote down all of our favorite meals and typed them up, I think this should also help when I'm trying to decide what goes on the menu since I sometimes seem to forget what we actually EAT for dinner. Double bonus: I actually had the contact paper to laminate the cards AND I also had the magnets! So yay to me for not having to run to the store to make this!

And speaking of cooking, have you gone out and bought this cookbook yet?! Oh my. Rock my world. I am actually making some pretty tasty meals lately thanks to these two wonderful ladies. Go check out their awesome blog, someone should give them a medal or something for making me actually ENJOY cooking!

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  1. Oh I so badly want that book! I follow their blog religiously. I'm just waiting for my birthday to come!

  2. Love love this idea!!! I will be copying!! And my cookbook is ordered just waiting for it to get here! So excited!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and following! I'm following you now too. Love for you to check out the Giveaway I'm having! Thx Dana @ D'Lea Designs