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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Texas Independence Day

So we moved to this Country called Texas around 5 years ago. I know, I said Country. But if you're a Texan you BELIEVE that the U.S. couldn't live without Texas, but Texas COULD live withOUT the U.S.! If you don't believe me, just check out any bumper sticker on any Ford-150 pickup. It would be squeezed in between a sticker that says "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could" and "I'm from Texas, what Country are you from?" Vain I know. Funny, yes. Narcicist, absolutely! My sis moved here over ten years ago and has been a Proud Texan ever since! Every March she throws a Texas Independence Day party and this year she went all out. It was the kind of party that tops all other parties and makes you re-think hosting your potlucks with paper plates and styrofoam cups. Here are some of the fabulous details......

This quote pretty much sums up how Texans feel.....

It ain't a Texan party without Texas sheet cake. And of course they had to be in the shape of the almighty Texas! Do other states have cookie cutters in their state shape? Hmmmm..... And yes, it tasted just as good as it looked!

The sign that greeted the guests.... It's suprising how many carry here......_MG_4979

Drinks that originated in Texas were served such as Dr. Pepper and IBC Rootbeer (I got carded buying the rootbeer! It's exciting for us non-drinkers!) In order to keep your drink separated from your neighbor's and to avoid sharing germs (I'm a proud germ-a-phobe!) Renee came up with these cute tags that she antiqued and wrote names of cities in Texas. There are some crazy towns in Texas like, Cut & Shoot, Miami, Beverly Hills, and Canadian. Really? Canadian? It's true, look it up!
Renee also made a banner with cute fabric remnants. The napkins were also various colors of handkerchiefs. Seriously cute!


Just to make it authentic, peanuts were served.

And every guest walked away with a GIANT mug, which Renee etched with a Texas star and est. 1886. My mug is sitting in my freezer right now, waiting for me to fill it with a rootbeer float! (It's my treat for doing this really long blog post) If you know me, I give myself treats alot for doing practically nothing. And then wonder why my jeans keep shrinking......

She also made this cute front door wreath. With burlap ribbon and rusted tin stars.
The party was a huge success. With everyone wearing their best "Texan Flair". My favorite outfits included a very cute pregnant girl looking like a Cow & another guest with a MUM sash. Now if you don't know what a MUM sash is, I could explain it to you, but it will NEVER make sense. Let me just tell you it has something to do with High School homecoming, girls parading the sashes and craft stores make HUGE profits! We had a game of Texas facts which we all pretty much failed, even the true Texans! And we ate, and ate, and then ate some more. I definitely won't ever complain about the awesomeness of Texan BBQ! Happy Indy-Pendence Day Ya'll! I think it would be great if ya'll threw yourselves one of these parties. Because, it obviously doesn't matter where you're from as long as you get yourselves to Texas before ya die!

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