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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living Room Linky Party

If I was better at climbing trees while holding binoculars, I swear I'd be a Peeping Tom. There's just something fascinating about seeing how others live. Maybe that's why I can't get enough of "reality" TV. I love watching the crazies! Speaking of crazies, my living room is slightly crazy. And I dig a little crazy in every room! I prefer to call it FLAIR though, you know, being the PC kind of girl I am. I'm linking to this fabulous Home Tour:

So grab a diet coke & chocolate, go to this site and enjoy the peep show! It's way more fun than climbing trees avoiding slivers or standing in bushes. That, and it's legal!

Here is my living room:

View from my front door:

The signs above my fireplace are road stencils. I found them leaning against an old barn and knew they'd be perfect. Only took 5 hrs of driving with my head tilted at a 90 degree angle to avoid getting decapitated to get them home. So worth it!

I love this zebra rug. Grey & Zebra. My two BFF's.

Old suitcases from a flea market make a great side table!

The Mason Jar Chandelier we painstakingly made and installed. And by we, I pretty much mean the hubster. I watched though. And that was painful to watch..... And by painful, I mean BORING!

One day I'll have a custom made couch and funky chairs and an ottoman that will gouge your shins. But while I have 3 little (slightly crazy) ones, I'll stick with leather and space for sommersaults!


  1. Okay, seriously. Where the heck do I start when I love EVERYTHING? Those road signs! That RUG. That chandelier! Wow.

    Thanks for linking up to the roomspiration party today! I'm totally with you on how fun it is to see everyone else's rooms! :) (In a non-creepy way, obvs.)

  2. Wow the chandelier is SO cool!!! And I love the pops of yellow in this room! I'm a new follower, thanks for linking up to Roomspiration! :)

  3. Love the curtains, the rug and the suitcase sidetable! How fun!

  4. LOVE! Did you follow a tutorial for the mason jar chandelier?