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Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Organized Bliss

DISCLAIMER: I am not organized. I probably will never be. A little mess is ok with me. But I am a declutter-er. I throw everything away, including cell phones, keys and cash. My husband & I have dumpster dived so many times we should enter the Olympics. If you're like me, then we'll be good friends. If you're already crazy awesome at this, then go away, I hate you. Just kidding (not really). A few of my friends and I have been craving more organized homes. We thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves to small projects each day and report to each other. I noticed the Nester was starting a 31 day challenge and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Right before the chaos of the holidays I'm going to completely overhaul every cupboard, closet and junk drawer in my home! (That's the plan anyway) My family is the ultimate clutter collectors and I'm pretty sure if I weren't around they'd end up on the show "Hoarders". This is also an oportune time to teach my girls how to work! Clean house and helping children- WIN, WIN! So being October 1st, today will start my 31 day challenge. Follow along and let me know if you have any suggestions or success.

Day 1: Organize Pantry

This quote did not quite match what I felt when I opened my pantry this morning to find this:

Now, I should disclose that it looks like I intentionally made it REALLY messy just so the AFTER shots would look better. But I assure you....... um, yeah, never mind, let's go with that. We're not really this messy........ :)

My husband tore apart the bottom of the pantry looking for a lizard I swear I saw. The lizard escaped. I now wear shoes, everywhere! Hence, I really needed to clean this pantry out!

This is what 40 minutes of cleaning looks like: (sigh) SO MUCH BETTER!

I finally figured out what to do with my Pepsi crates. They're perfect for snacks!

I bought the door organizer at Walmart and it was the best purchase I ever made. You technically don't have to screw it into the door, you could just hang it. But you know how much my husband loves his power tools! I spent so much time searching for ziplocs & plastic utensils everyday. Making the kids' lunches is so much easier now!

This pantry is definitely NOT Nate Berkus worthy, but I'm happy with my small success today. Crossing fingers it stays this nice til atleast tomorrow..... wish I was kidding.

Here are some definite Nate Berkus worthy pantries that I adore. Pretty wall paper and glass jars? Are you kidding me? Amazing

image found here:

image found here:

image from

But my dream home would have a pantry door just like this. With matching heads & chalk board. I just fell in love...... with everything about this room!

image found on I could find the original author and get their autograph!

So if you're a little/alot messy like me, then we'll be good friends and you can follow along and declutter with us. There's just something about seeing another friend's messy home that makes me like them a little more. I like real. So if a friend stops by today and they see the mounds of toys from my toddler, craft projects from my 9yr old, tape on every surface (from my child who likes tape as much as glitter) and strewn clothes from everyone, well...... I'll proudly walk you (stepping carefully over our piles of stuff) to my newly organized pantry. Then, I'll pick your socks up off the ground and hand them to you. Because this pantry will knock your socks off when you know the insanely messy family I'm up against!

As for tomorrow- get ready to declutter the counters!


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a 'before' pantry :) ....I just need to work on my 'after' ha! :)

  2. Looks SO super FAB! Well done!! :)


  3. I love to de-clutter and have no idea how I STILL have so much left to purge. I also love your Pepsi crates. And Clif bars! We don't have a pantry (just a couple cupboards). I used to covet others', but it's probably better this way.

  4. Love it! :) I am your newest follower! I am doing organizing on 31 days this month too! :) Can't wait to read more of yours!

  5. Brilliant! Want to come to my house and do this in EVERY room? I'll feed you homemade cookies...