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Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 17- Cleaning Lists

So by now your house is looking pretty nice eh? The hard part is keeping it organized. I tried to convince my children that they wanted to live in the backyard but they didn't think the water hose sounded like a fun way to shower & I was worried the neighbor's would call CPS. So then I tried to convince them to donate ALL of their possessions but they weren't keen on that idea either. Darn! So now I'm on to plan B. Enlisting them to help! I got some great ideas this summer when I took some parenting/ organizing classes, you can find my cliff notes here. Then I found these great printable checklists on these sites:

This laminated room by room checklist is perfect for children (and maybe husbands) you can find it here at She has the kids use dry erase markers to check items off as they go. My girls love checklists so maybe they would actually clean if they had one. One can dream, right? This is a simple daily plan but it's so pretty to look at and has a great color scheme. Maybe if I had a pretty list to go by everyday I'd clean too! You can print this out from this site found here at

Here's another daily cleaning schedule but she takes both Saturday and Sunday off. I'm all for that! You can print your own schedule here at

So no more excuses for me- I should be an organized junkie from here on out! Tomorrow I'm tackling my second home. No it's not a beach house or a vacation home. It's a minivan......

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