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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5- laundry room

I don't know about you, but laundry is my nemesis. It's kind of like a scary movie where the bad guy never dies & he keeps jumping out at you. Yeah, laundry is just like that. Just when I've folded and put the last load away, I turn around to find a HUGE pile of dirty clothes hiding in my kid's closets or under beds or they've had 3 outfit changes since breakfast and are too lazy to put it away. I am so sorry mom that in all my years of growing up, I NEVER once re-used a towel twice. I got a fresh one every morning. If I was too lazy to hang something up, I just threw it down the laundry shoot. Well, don't worry mom, karma's a kicker! My children are doing the exact same thing to me, only worse I'm sure. :) Laundry is never pleasant, but when I have to go into this room, it's down right miserable!

Is this not the most ridiculous site? As if the tile and blue countertops weren't hideous enough?It's madness I tell ya! You practically need a hard hat to go in there!

ahh. SO. Much. Better..... See that window. Apparantly, I have one now. And I can open the blinds! I hesitate to tell you this...... but I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever opened those blinds.! I have hooks behind the door on the wall that hold our beach towels and life jackets. They come in handy in Texas where you can still swim in November.

So now no more excuses. I'm totally going to keep up with laundry. A load a day. From sorting to washing to folding to putting away. Yep, totally gonna happen. Starting tomorrow.....

Speaking of tomorrow, get ready to see Mandy's camping closet organized!

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  1. Here we do an average 2 loads a day. Sometimes three. It helps I only have a laundry closet. It overruns my bedroom instead and that makes me take care of it. (usually)
    When you guys are done will you come do my house? And decorate it to? Pregnancy has left me in survival mode. :)