Sisters with Flair

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2: Declutter counters

I hate to cook if I start out with a messy kitchen. But then if I spend alot of time cleaning it, I really don't want to cook! Meanwhile, my children head into the kitchen over a dozen times a day between the 3 of them and make little messes. It's a never ending cycle really. So to remain from freaking out all the time, I'm taking a picture of my clean sparkly kitchen and hanging it up next to the fridge. If I can't have clean at least I can look at clean! Here is what my kitchen looks like after 15 minutes of decluttering, mail, coupons, batteries charging, misc tools, crayons, scissors, tape (always with the tape Morgan? she's obsessed!) homework & dishes. I didn't take before pics, because the before was strewn with pantry cleaning left overs & you would've thought you were witnessing a Hoarders episode.

Scary right? This is not typical of us! Ok, it's sorta typical.....
(Sigh) So much better! Here's a woven cutlery tray that would look so cute here. But I'd fill it to the rim and it would be unrecognizable as a divider

I love counter space. There's a minimalist inside me somewhere!

I used to have items above my cabinets, but then I got pregnant and felt like nesting. I'd love to have a funky assortment of vintage globes or old fans or busts or something. But collections this size would require years of flea market shopping..... and I'd lose interest in whatever I was collecting by the time I got a decent collection!

Imagine gray walls, white cabinets and modern knobs. That's my future kitchen. It's there somewhere....

My children are destroying the kitchen as I typ this. I'm tempted to stay in the office and avoid seeing the mess from whatever just crashed. It was loud. Didn't sound like glass though. Yay for the small miracles! Get ready for tomorrow. I'm cleaning under neath the kitchen sink. It's scary down there. I've got my spider spray & vacuum ready!


  1. I have cleared(ish) kitchen counters for the first time in my life, and I am LOVING it. And I'm obsessed with old globes, so if you decide to buy some and then get sick of them...

  2. i have this same spot in my kitchen. it's sort of hidden so it's easy for it to just become a big pile! i should go clean it right now :o)

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