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Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21: Meal Planning

When I think of organization, I definitely think of meal planning since buying for, preparing, and eating meals is a big part of my life as SAHM. Lately the 3 year old has not been a big fan of grocery shopping. Any shopping. You should've seen the stares I was getting at Walmart yesterday with him screaming. So fun. So I try to avoid grocery shopping as much as possible.
Here's how I do it: meal planning. I try to do an entire month's worth of meals because I really don't want to go to the store. We also get bountiful baskets every week, so that takes care of a lot of the produce we need. Obviously we do have to go to the store a little bit for milk, bread, and chocolate so I have patience to handle said 3 year old. So, I just draw up a little grid of my basic plan. Sometimes I change up what we're having when, but it's mostly just a list to help me see what food I have to make what meal. I just cross each item off as I go.
After I make my grid of meals, I just write out my grocery list based on what ingredients I already have at home. And that's it! Shopping for a month at a time has simplified my life a ton and I don't usually have to run to the store at 5 o'clock because I'm out of ingredients:) Tomorrow I'll show you what has "saved" me so much time and money in my freezer!

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