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Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7- Coat closet

Are ya still with us? Are your homes immaculate yet? No? Mine either. Guess that's why this is a 31 day challenge and not a weekend project. When my children are having their usual 5pm melt downs and I'm trying to make dinner, I go into my laundry room or pantry and smile. They're my new happy place (don't worry chocolate, you're always gonna be my happy place too). I'm impatient, I want the whole house perfect at once but I'm slowly getting there. Today I tackled my coat closet. It was always a bit exciting opening the door to my coat closet. You would have to quickly dodge items falling on your head and it's about the only adrenaline rush I get as a mother. I'm over it.

You see what I mean? I like to keep games and children's crafts with 10 bazillion pieces up high. This way I can hear them scooting a chair across the floor and maybe divert their attention to another activity. A less messy activity. Preferably outside.....

Here's my newly decluttered closet. Much better don't you think? If I were Martha Stewart my closets would look like these pictures below, with coordinating jackets in a soothing color scheme. We don't do soothing color schemes in this house though. I'm sure you can tell by the bold patterns on the diaper bags and coats....

I love the idea of hooks on the door to hold purses. A girl can never have too many bags and purses. And we have 3 girls in this house with similar purse hoarding skills....

I love the idea of rolling shelves. They would be perfect for holding shoes or games.

So I hope you're off to find your inner sanctuary. This weekend I'm tackling the Master Bedroom, Bathroom & closet. Wish me luck. I need it!

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  1. Yay for purse hoarding! I'm with ya on that one. Good post.