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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 16: Clean out the Fridge

No before pictures today people. Too grody (I swear that's a word). I try to get old leftovers out of the fridge as soon as possible, but I was still appalled at the nasty spills I found in here. I cleared everything out and took out all the shelves and washed them with soap and hot water. Then I clorox wiped it for good measure. I almost hated to put everything back after it was all clean.
Doesn't that look good! Trust me on this folks, this is a MAJOR improvement.
My dairy drawer. Apparently we like cheese. I have 7 varieties in here.
My bountiful basket came today, so my mom can see everything I got. Was your basket the same, Mom?

Ok, everyone. Now go clean out your fridge. You'll feel so much better:)

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  1. Our dairy drawer totally looks the same most of the time- we love cheese!! Bohooohooo though it does not have Tillamook cheese in it any more since we can't buy it here! We still love our variety though and LOTS of it! :) Looks great!