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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8- declutter magazines/ books

Some people like bubble baths, some like pedicures, some turn to chocolate to destress. Me? I like them all, but my favorite treat to myself is buying a fun magazine. I enjoy having one in the car while I'm waiting in the carpool line. Doctor running late? No problem! I always make sure I go to my doctor or dentist appts without children. And if it's a really "bummer/no fun at all doctor visit" (you know what I'm talking about ladies) then I always make sure to treat myself before hand to a fun magazine or book to read while I'm waiting precariously on the table. My sister has bought me a few magazine subscriptions for birthdays and Christmas and I love receiving them in the mail each week or month. They're the perfect gift for me. Unfortunately, they're my biggest clutter problem. I hate throwing out expensive magazines and rarely would I read one twice. So lately my sister and a friend of mine have been having a magazine trade. I read them and pass them on & then get a new set. It's been great!

So today on day 8 of our challenge we declutter our magazines and books. Pass them on, donate them or recycle them. Either way, your book shelves and magazine holders and baskets will thank you!

image found here . You know how I like Pepsi crates!

image found here . These magazine holders look more like expensive photo books. I love the classic look and soothing colors. I'm off to tackle my mess now! Tomorrow, I tackle my master bedroom...... hopefully.

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