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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4: Food Storage

So it looks like Andrea has signed me up to organize my house with her. I saw this coming when she came to my house this summer and saw this:

Yes, this is my food storage closet in our laundry room. Can't believe I'm letting you all see this. You're liking me better already, right? Like most people, when we moved into the house, we just put things wherever they would fit and have left them there for the past three years. So I put our camping junk in here and then I realized I had a place for all my food storage, so I put that in here too. Do you have any idea how many times I've had sleeping bags hit me in the face while I'm grabbing a can of green chilies? WAY too many.
Our local grocery store is having a case lot sale and I'm determined to build up our food storage. So, Saturday morning I came home with a bunch of food and no place to put it. Awesome. So I made a complete mess of my entire downstairs in order to find a place for everything. I moved all the camping gear out and now actually have some room to breathe.

Here is the after:

I'd better get back to that sale and buy some more food! Look at all that room I have left! Next up, I'll show you where I put all our camping gear. I know, hold on to your seats, folks.

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  1. Hi! I stopped in through Chatting at the Sky's Community Collection :) I love your series topic! It immediately caught my eye. I am one who gets stressed when there's clutter around - I need the peace of organized surroundings! Seeing your before and after pics inspires me. It shows me that it really IS possible to have a home that is practically organized yet pleasing to the eye. Thanks! :)