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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 20- Guest room

My guest room is being used tonight! Our guest room is conveniently the room that we shove things into when we hear the doorbell ring. It's also most often used when we have 10 min before company's arriving and we don't quite know what to do with random toys & mail. I'm furiously trying to tackle the clutter as I prepare for my parents to come. While grocery shopping today, I realized that the only thing a guest really cares about is clean sheets & a clean bathroom. The room isn't the prettiest. The bed is nice, the comforter is cute but the night stands are plastic bins. Hmmm, not much to see there. So since I couldn't give the room a makeover in 2 hours and buy new nightstands, a dresser and some drapes, I went for the next best thing........... Chocolate and flowers.

image found here

image found here

So go grab some fresh flowers, put them in a vase, fluff those pillows and make your guests feel welcome. They may even overlook the plastic bins as nightstands and the massive food storage buckets in the closet!

Mandy is taking over for the next week as I vacation in California with my hubby and no children! Can you tell I'm extactic?!!!!! So don't stop organizing while I'm gone or if you're already done, because you're an insane over achiever, then go buy some chocolate and flowers for yourself. You deserve it!

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