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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23: Food Preservation

When I used to hear about people getting food vacuuming machines, I always thought that was something I would never do. Something about it seemed kinda "granola" or something. But when my father-in-law brought about 20 huge steaks for my hubby's birthday, Zac decided that we should get a food saver so we could save the steaks without freezer burn. Ever since, I've been hooked. I am using up so much more food and in turn it's saving us money!
Here's the kind we got. We got it at Sam's Club. I have used it for so many different foods, I've done cooked ground beef, grilled chicken, onions and bell peppers that I blanch beforehand (I've really loved doing the onion and bell pepper mixture because it makes mealtime prep so fast!), and other veggies. After watching Suburgatory the other night (does anyone else remember this part?), I suggested that I vacuum up the boys' blessing outfits so they will stay white for when they have boys, hubby thought I was borderline psycho for suggesting that. I still think it's a good idea, though!
Obviously, Food Saver has not paid me to endorse them, but I would totally recommend it to anyone!!

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