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Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10: Linen Closet

Ok, so I checked out my before pictures, and I decided that you guys get the point- my house is a wreck, ok?! You really didn't need to see my before of my linen closet, but I will show you the after since I got rid of so much stuff. It's amazing how getting rid of the stuff you NEVER use helps you to actually see what you have. Before I got the drawer dividers for this closet, I was just using baskets to hold our extra toiletry items. While cleaning out, I realized that we already had 6 rolls of dental floss and just the other day I had to make an extra trip to the store because we thought we were completely out! Same with the hubby's deodorant. Why was I keeping around old towels from our wedding 7 years ago that I've never liked? Why was I keeping my dust ruffle from my college days? And random lotions that I never use? Although this doesn't look so exciting to you guys, believe me, I feel awesome.
And because you needed something pretty in this post, here's an awesome looking linen closet... I think it's the color of the towels that makes this look so good:)

And hold onto your pants, Dad, next up I actually tackled organizing our tools!

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