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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 22: Cleaning Supplies

I'm lucky in my house that we have tons of little closets and I have a cleaning supply closet which is nice for keeping the supplies out of kid's reach. Apparently I'm a cleaning supply hoarder. I love trying out new cleaning supplies, and I had lots of half-used bottles of concoctions promising that I'd never have to scrub again. Womp, womp. They were wrong. Cleaning out the cleaning supplies was awesome, and I no longer have to search around for the soft scrub.
I also got myself one of these caddies that is so handy for when I'm cleaning bathrooms. They seriously sell them everywhere. So, go on and clean out your cleaning supplies people. Oh, and I'm not one of those all-natural cleaning people, but I do have to share with you this idea I found on pinterest. For all of you with glass-top ranges, it's really annoying to clean all the time, so for a great time saver, go to this blog.
See you tomorrow. I'd better go figure out something else to organize! 31 days is a lot!

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