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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11: Tools

Ok, so at this point my friends are all whispering to each other, "Have you seen Mandy's blog?! Who knew she was such a slob!" But secretly they're all liking me better, right? I can't believe how many messes I'm revealing on here. And just the other day my mom said she was "proud" of the way I keep house. She may have spoke too soon.
So we have old cabinets in our laundry room from a previous kitchen remodel and they just put the old cabinets in here. They are nothing pretty to look at, but it's an awesome place to put all of our tools and junk. You get one before picture, because this pretty much sums it up.

I know, right? You're all thinking I must have rattled things up a bit to make that picture more interesting but it's a true before picture. After three hours of making a huge mess, I finally got things under control. And boy, hubby was sure happy he didn't have to do it.
I even put new contact paper in all the drawers- I know, you're dying!
I bought all these little containers at walmart for so cheap. I was so happy that I didn't even measure beforehand and they fit in perfectly.

I tried to toss these turkey injectors, but hubby fries turkeys so often, he said they had to stay.
That container of screws I finally just gave up and put all the leftover stuff in there. I don't even know what half those tiny parts are called!
This is my favorite part of this entire project. I just got these plastic shoe boxes, slapped some vinyl on there, and now we can find everything so easily. I have these boxes in cupboards, so they're pretty easy to find what we need. Aren't you so impressed, Dad?? Now next time you come visit, you'll be able to see what we've got! I'm getting that much closer to my :
Next up I have some tips for toy organization!

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