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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12- Master bedroom

The things I do for this blog..... I take a perfectly organized room and completely mess it up so I can take better "before" pictures. That's what my husband accused me of anyway! Sorry hubs, we really are this pathetic, no additional nasty-ness was needed. Here is what my bedroom looks like after everyone rushes off to school and work- mind you, my bedroom is practically command central.

Doesn't everyone have a ladder in their bedroom? It comes in handy for the 3am low battery fire alarm beeps. Because it only goes off when everyone is asleep.....

This picture (below) with laundry baskets is actually impressive. They're EMPTY! I have EMPTY laundry baskets people!!! That means, by some massive miracle, I've kept up on laundry. I guess it's easier since I have an organized laundry room.

So after 20 minutes of vacuuming, making the bed, dusting and decluttering it looks like this.....

A clean room makes it so much easier to watch "Dance Moms, Sister Wives & Toddlers & Tiaras" while folding laundry of course..... We went years without a tv in our room. I heard all this stuff about leaving tv's out of bedrooms & we were broke so it worked out well. I can honestly say- all those tv haters are wrong. They just needed to up they're tv size and make sure it's high-def! :)
Now I'm off to tackle the Master bathroom & eventually the closets.....

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