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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6: Under the Stairs Closet

I'm sure many of you have looked on Pinterest and seen amazing under-the-stairs storage like this.
Then you got off the computer and saw this:
Yikes. Is it a wonder that I occasionally avoid decorating for holidays when my decorations are clear in the back of this huge pile? Through all this organization the past several days, I've been trying to think about logical places for things. Is the downstairs closet the best place to put the suitcases that I just have to drag upstairs any time we go on a trip? Probably not. So I moved them to our bedroom closet. What about the humongous baby swing that neither of my children have ever liked- should I really hope that a third child (someday) will absolutely love it? Let's craigslist it. Now keep in mind, my after picture is not so impressive.
See what I mean? But knowing that I purged so many Christmas decorations and camping supplies makes me feel so good. Now instead of pulling out everything in the closet every time I want to find a table runner in the very back of the closet, I only have to pull out the water coolers and I can actually reach everything else. Such a difference. I also moved many of my Christmas decorations to my upstairs bedroom closet where I've already been keeping my nativities.
So, let me go through everything I keep in this closet. In the very back are my outside Christmas lights and Christmas tree decorations. And there's a random guitar that hubby will not let me take to DI even though I'm fairly certain he's never even touched the strings. I also have my fall and other seasonal decorations in here. Then we have two boxes of camping gear with my wreath boxes on top. Then we have our large tent, two sleeping bags, and snowboard gear on top. Oh, and my extra table.
I'm feeling so good about all this organizing going on at my house! Have you organized anything lately?

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  1. I feel like we're like the same person! haha! Every single area you've done looks so similar to mine :) Your afters are great!