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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 14- Organizing the Master Closet

There are some amazing closets in blog land. Some with fancy chandeliers, wallpaper, rotating shoe racks and beautiful poofy chairs to lounge on. You will not be seeing this in my home. I will probably never have an amazing closet. I don't care enough about shoes and clothes and purses to justify the effort. But after I win Publisher's Clearing House I will start designing my dream closet. Until then, a more cleanly closet was definitely on my "To-Do" list. Here are some hideous before shots.

Embarrassing, I know. This is where all my stuff I don't know what to do with ends up....

And here is what an hour of elbow grease and 5 garbage bags later can look like:

See the empty space and shelf room? I guess this means I can go shop some more!

Only 7 more closets left to organize...... I'm gonna need some more chocolate. Pronto!

Can't wait til tommorow when Mandy tackles the toys!

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