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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9- Choose your own

Day 9 people. I've been decluttering for 8 solid days. I'm exhausted. So today I'm giving myself the day off. You should too. But if you're overly ambitious, choose your own area to declutter in your home. Silverware drawer a mess? Or maybe you have a very random mug or glasses collection that doesn't really fit the new you. Do you have old towels as wedding gifts and you've been married a decade? Massive collection of ribbons or scrapbook paper you'll never use but feel guilty throwing it out? I'm here to give you permission. Donating those perfectly good items that are never used is a great solution. No more guilt! My home still has a long way to go to "Organized Bliss" but I'm slowly getting there. Pinterest & Facebook are suffering, they mourn my loss, I'm sure. But it's happening peeps! I'm losing my hoarder-ish ways and feel like I've lost 10lbs. My trunk is filling up with donations to Good Will and after I relax today, I'll be ready to take on some more! May the trash bags be with you.....

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