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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I've been thinking about making some goals. I usually don't make any because in the back of my mind I don't really believe I'll follow thru. Lame, but honest! But if I write them on my blog, I suddenly feel accountable to my blog. While I feel like there's so much more I could've done and I was a bit lazy on the crafts it's kind of nice to look thru my home and see what I have accomplished in the last year.

For instance: My office is pretty much done. And I still love my circus stripes....

I finally bought my deer head from Z Gallerie after I drooled over it for months. And the ikea frame I spray painted finally got out of the garage.

The chevron drape fabric was finally chosen and thanks to my mom, completed without any hot glue, velcro or painters tape. My mom is a seamstress, I'm a glue-er :)

The magnet board we made was painted white and hung.... and the room became complete!

I also completed drapes in the family room- again, thanks to my mom!

Fabric is called Chipper sunflower from and made by Premier Fabrics.

Morgan's room finally got the finishing details as well. The finishing stuff is the trickiest for me....

The clipboards were mod-podged and hung. It only took 4 months......

The canvas was painted and the vinyl song lyrics applied. The pink birds were cut and stuck to the wall. And the room became complete!

Kimballs room changed from a baby bed to a big boy room!

And the wall gallery on the staircase was completed....

And all of this was because of the blog. Thank you blog friends. I need something to motivate me, to make me set goals and deadlines. My house feels pretty complete, just in time to sell! Isn't that how it works? The minute you finish a home, you take half a breath and you put it on the market? That's what's happened to my last home & now this home!

Goals for this year.....

1. Sell this house

2. Sell this house fast

3. Sell this house without dis-owning any family members or burning any of their/hoarders possesions to the ground. (not that it's ever crossed my mind or anything :)

4. Build a new home from scratch with my "pinterest dreams" without my family dis-owning me!

5. All the while, trying to lose weight.

Possible? I'm not sure. But maybe if I blog it? Goodnight bloggy. Maybe my bloggy dreams will come true this year too!

PS-I've linked to this fun party @Thrifty Decor Chick for more office inspiration!

& and this fabulous site: DIY Show Off


  1. Aren't blogs lovely places to keep you accountable? Your office space is dreamy! And I am definitely the same with you on the curtain seamstress front. My sister graciously offered to make my curtains. I am more of a stitch wizardry "seamstress". :)Good luck on selling your house this year

  2. Hi-Found you over at Nester's 2012 party and I'm your newest follower-can't wait to see what 2012 brings to all of us-stop over for a visit! Claire

  3. I hope you can sell! I would love to fix our house and sell it, too. Good luck!

  4. I saw the deer head on Z Gallerie's pinterest board. Love it. Love it even more after seeing all the yellow on the ceiling and curtains. So creative and funky! (Funky in a good way:)

  5. "The chevron drape fabric was finally chosen and thanks to my mom, completed without any hot glue, velcro or painters tape. My mom is a seamstress, I'm a glue-er :)"

    Ha! My mom is the sewer and I'm the gluer, too! Everything I make is glued in one fashion or another;)

    BTW... still perusing your blog. I love the turquoise over black dresser! I've been looking for something in my house to do that to. Hmm....possibly the kitchen door.

  6. I just love your office space. The color scheme is to die for! Great job!!