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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

selling my house

My house is on the market: I feel a mixture of complete relief to have some major projects completed and a sudden urge to vomit..... selling a house ain't pretty. It ain't for the lazy either. It is some dang hard work! But here are the online photos- sorry the quality isn't better- I didn't take them.

I hope someone loves my dark orange ceiling as much as I do.....

Seriously? I'm leaving this room just as I barely completed it? Seriously? When we painted those stripes we believed we would live here forever..... I will have to have a funky ceiling in my next home and black walls too and a funky light. Why am I leaving again?

Newly painted grey kitchen. It's official. I. Love. Grey. And I love to spell it with and E instead of A. I feel fancy.....

It took me awhile to come around to grey. It seemed cold to me. It was hard to leave brown and beige and red. But I'm ok. I'm hangin' with the cool kids now :)

This old window that hangs on this wall I've had for over 12 years. I put a James Blunt song lyric on it "there must be an angel, with a smile on her face, when she thought that I should be with you". I love it. Absolutely love it.

That chalkboard on the door is permanately attached. I will have to leave it behind. Sorry sis, it is lovely. Thank you for making it for me. Hope the next family writes love notes on it.....

We had to remove the mason jar chandelier. We definitely wanted to take it with us. Apparently, our realtor felt that others wouldn't "appreciate" it. OUCH! Some people just don't have awesome taste..... So they can have this boring fan. Have I ever told you how much I dislike fans? I feel like spiders are crawling on me as my hair wisps around. (eww, shudder)

My master bedroom/ media room/ living room. Our entire family lives here. We fold laundry, watch movies and literally spend 90% of our time in this 17x17 room. I hope that doesn't change in our new home.

I'm gonna miss Morgan's room too. It is a happy place. I still love the hot pink and polka dots and turquoise....

Taylor's room never got a makeover. It's still little girl and pink. She now hates pink. How sad! The fun swing though makes up for her room lacking in style. Not sure why the realtor wanted the mason jar chandy down and not this swing? Oh well, less work for us!

K's wall finally got finished. Just in time to sell. Nice.... (add sarcasm)

Game room- a little on the boring side.

Stair case wall gallery. What a complete pain in the tush to do..... but worth it if you ask me!
Ok- I've shown you almost every room in this house. I'm ok with moving on. Now someone come buy it- I can't keep up this ruse that I'm this clean!!!


  1. When buyers come to take a look at your house, make sure you depersonalize it. Remove family photos and other personal things before you show them your home because it would be hard for them to imagine the house as their own. Also, point out the best parts of your house like your favorite spots and also assure them of the safety of your neighborhood. Keeping these things in mind will sure get you a "Sold" sign in no time!

    Enid Horn

  2. It’s seems that you’ve really put a lot of your personality and soul while styling the house. I must say, the effect of the wood furniture along with the gray walls gave it a cooling effect – which is said to be the new white. Don’t worry, Annie, the people who would soon live there would surely feel the passion you had on your home and take care of it. I wish you’d find another house that you would love even more. Good luck!

    Kathrine Landau

  3. Wow, this is perfection! I absolutely believe that your hard work paid off. You’ve designed your house in a way that can attract customers, but doesn’t neglect your personal taste. You also did a great job of keeping the rooms well-lit – that’s a huge factor when it comes to advertising. So, how did the sale go? I would definitely love to see some updates! :)

    Ofelia Bertrand

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