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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinterest Project

I did it folks. I actually made something I pinned. Can you believe it? Maybe pinterest is more than just eye candy? I actually made this project back in December, but it was missing something. I needed a Spring-ier wreath on my front door so decided to pull this out from the closet. It's still missing something, can't decide what it is though. Maybe you can help? What does it need?

Needs some flair huh? Little too boring for me. I'm thinking pom poms or a banner or more flowers. My door is quite tall and wreath holders never hang at the right level. My little sister taught me this trick and maybe it's obvious to you, but in case you're as blonde as me, hang your wreath with ribbon! I used 3 flush thumb tacks at the top of the door and folded the ribbon before tacking it down. That way there were no raw edges rubbing. There's no ugly ribbon strands on the other side of the door. It was so simple- not sure why I hadn't thought of that years ago! Plus- those 3M sticky holders were gumming up my door and always falling off. Since my door was recently painted- I couldn't have that!

I'm pretty sure my pinterest to actual project completion ratio is now 1 to 813. Not too shabby! :)

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