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Sunday, September 12, 2010

my biggest mistake!

You know those blogs that after reading them you go into a fetal position and scream outloud "WHY?! Why is everyone else amazing and their homes are beyond perfect and they serve 3 gourmet meals and then have time to sew masterpieces and paint murals all in one day?" And you rock yourself to sleep next to 6 piles of unfolded laundry that are so crumpled you have to smell them to remember if they're clean or not. But I digress...... my point is- My blog posts are here to make you feel better about your mediocre lives with your captain crunch dinners, your store bought bedding and your hot-glued drapes. Here is my embarassing mistake that will make all of your problems look like unicorns & cotton candy. This is embarassing folks. Like skirt shoved into pantyhose bad! These couches have haunted me for almost the last decade. I'm not sure I remember even liking them!

And I have no idea what possessed me to not only buy them 10 years ago, but (and this is the most embarrassing part) have them CUSTOM made! I picked out the fabric. I picked out the coordinating fabric pillows. The worst part is that I paid a fortune for them! And then came the nightmares, the buyers remorse, the "where can I hide these hideously oversized monsters?" I've desperately wanted these plaid vomits to simply go away. Somehow get lost on the moving truck. Maybe there's a fire and they're the only thing that burns. But no. These couches survived the move & were unfortunately the ONLY furniture that wasn't destroyed by the movers. Now most people would think, "Just buy new ones, get over it. What's the big deal?" But I'm cheap. I can't throw away something that's in good shape & I certainly couldn't if I paid alot of money for them! So they sat there in my game room, hiding from hopefully anyone who entered my home. When children wouldn't come down from the game room when they're moms would come to pick them up. I would silently scream and imagine myself shoving my friends aside, racing past them to be first up the stairs to get their children so they wouldn't have to witness my "worst mistake". Please don't judge peeps. I am well aware of my hideous mistake. I've lived with it for 10 years now. I mean, how can you even decorate around it. Hunter green vomit is everywhere! Do I pull out some dead flower swags and brass/glass tables and throw a mauve blanket on it? Do I put up a matching plaid wall paper border and pretend like the Scottish Kilt look is totally in? Or....... do I wait and dream and drive to Costco on a crazy Saturday. And walk by the leather couches dreaming of them and all the sticky fingers and spilled milk they can handle, and sigh. And then, after 6 months of looking at these couches, they called me. "We went on sale just for you!" A sale at Costco? That's right! I got BOTH all leather (NO PLEATHER) couches for a smokin'-hot $800! Both of them!
When I saw this deal I squealed! I frantically told my daughter to find her dad. I couldn't let anyone steal this awesomeness! I covered my arms over the couch and tried, unsuccessfully, to rip the sale tag off. I flagged down not one, but 3 workers. I tried to act casual when people would walk by me, like "no crazy awesome deal here peeps, move along already". And then when no one was looking I would jump up and down and imagine torching my green hulks back home! (Sigh) My babies are home, my nightmares are nicely waiting at Good Will for some unfortunate home to throw up in. So now on to decorating.
I don't know what to do. I never thought this day would come, where I could allow friends to see this room. What should I do? I'm terrified of making another costly mistake. So for now this is what my room looks like. I have two pieces of furniture that I'm in love with and have to work into this design. My red cabinet, made by hubby for Mother's Day to hide toys. And this cream tv armoire that hubs also (and my dad too) made me. I love them both. I also designed them both. They somehow redeem me in design & they're fairly inexpensive since hubs did all the work! So tell me what to do people. I just had the walls painted Classic Silver (Behr color but Sherwin Williams paint). I have a fire red cabinet and an antiqued cream armoire. This could be another disaster, but I'm hoping for some suggestions. Especially for wall art and drapes!
Go to bed people. Dream your sweet dreams. The Scottish Plaid Green Goblins have gone to a better place. To be continued......


  1. Love it! Congrats on the amazing find!


  2. I really enjoyed your post :) The new couches are beautiful, congratulations!

  3. Ah, just cheered me up significantly! So happy your day has finally come... I'll think about the decor issue!

  4. I think you made a great purchase to replace that hulks! Good luck with your decorating...I love those two cabinets!

  5. Your honesty is soo refreshing! There are too many talented peeps in blogland I agree-but alas you make me laugh and really what more is there in life but a good laugh and some rockin' molding!Thanks, Claire at


    I think these curtains are quite charming. :D

  7. HILARIOUS! You are such a gifted writer, mom, crafter, photographer ... And despite your attempts to convince me that you are a mere mortal, I still think you're superwoman.