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Monday, September 20, 2010

wannabe Halloweeners

I can't believe I'm about to post this picture. I mean this tops ALL embarassing moments. You see, hubs and I really want to be into Halloween, but we're just not! It's like kids in Highschool who want to be cool, but just can't pull it off. That's us trying to pull off being into Halloween. It's an attempt, but a lame one at best! I have to tell you what started off our bad dressing up experiences- it was October 31, 1996. Just a few days before hubster proposed & if I didn't run after this event, I must be a keeper! Soon-to-be hubs invited me to take his neice and nephew trick or treating. "Ahh, how cute is that?" I thought. I show up and he is dressed as some guy (don't know which one, never plan on knowing either) from Star Trek. He had this whole jump suit that was black & red with the whole emblem and everything. His sister and her husband were also dressed up in Star Trek jump suits. I thought, "Ok, they must totally be into Halloween, that's cool I guess." Then his sister proudly pulled out a spandex jump suit for me! Oh wow! Spandex? But you don't know my size, we just started dating! What could I do? His sweet sister had made all the costumes! So I put on the tight in all the wrong places and baggy in all the wrong places jump suit. It was about 3 inches too short in the body which made it ride up all night long. Just imagine. Uncomfortable! And then my I-can't-believe-I-didn't-run-away-hubs pins a Star Trek emblem on me. It was just like pinning a corsage on a prom dress. He was so proud! Then icing on the cake, it was a talking pin-corsage (I mean, why wouldn't you buy a talking one? I would expect nothing less!). Hubs literally beamed as he pushed the button that said "Beam me up Scotty!" You should've seen the look on his face. So happy! I'm afraid to know what my face looked like, but I remember eyeing the front door like I've never done before! So, happily we went trick or treating. Why was I happy you ask? I was happy I was finally in the dark with my wedgy giving cat suit! Fortunately for me I have no pictures to remember that interesting Halloween night. I'm left only to remember my permo-wedgy! It took me 9 years later to dress up (recover) again for Halloween. But again, completely unsuccessful! This was us 3 years ago. I think I want my Star Trek outfit back after my sister (who was kind enough to document our lameness!) sent me this picture! I have a feeling we looked better as Star Trekkies than we did attempting to dress as Dwight & Angela from the Office.
I still get the shivers when I look at hubs dressed as Dwight. And not good shivers! That whole night I avoided making eye contact with him, because I was literally afraid I would never be attracted to him again! I however, wasn't any better looking as Angela. (shivers again) Ewwww! So this is our last attempt at dressing up. You can see this just isn't our thing. We wanted it to be our thing but we just came off as creepy with a side of homeless. So here is my idea if you want to host a Halloween Party and maybe even invite us: Do yourself & your eyes a favor and don't make it a Costume required Party! But if you still insist on having a Halloween Party here is an idea. Have each guest bring an outrageous costume (I've got some nice Star Trek spandex ones if you need something) wrapped in a paper bag. When all your guests arrive, place them under a chair and play musical chairs. When the music stops each person grabs the costume under their chair and that's what they wear for the night. I think it sounds fun, but then again I dressed up as a Homeless librarian/Angela.
Happy Halloween planning everyone!


  1. Hahahahaha...really, that's all I can say when I see that pictures! But really, that's what Halloween is all about, being able to dress up without feeling dumb about it. Hence why we were the incredibles last year and I'm not afraid to show it! :-) (check here for pictures)

  2. SO, that's what Rich would look like with hair?!?! That is an incredible picture of Rich. You should blow it up and frame it. It would make you laugh everyday.