Sisters with Flair

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bedroom Makeover from Santa?

What the heck? My nine year old is asking Santa for a bedroom makeover! How is Santa going to pull that off? Yes, she still believes, although her 6 yr old little sis is questioning it. Go figure. So what am I gonna do? What 9 yr old wants clothes for her birthday and bedding for Christmas? I remember wanting a bike and care bears. At nine years old, my friend informed me that I had on two different socks, and all I could think is, "how sad that she wastes time finding matching socks rather than playing!" So here I am, with a to-do list a mile long and now planning a bedroom makeover before Christmas. Can it be done? I doubt it. Will I try? Til I sew through a fingernail! Where do I begin? I go to my favorite elaborate decorating blog for inspiration, Design Dazzle. Here are a few bedrooms I saw on Design Dazzle's blog I'm dreaming of.

Can you tell we like color? A girl with flair for sure! So as kids begin writing their letters to Santa with pictures of toys and bikes, my nine year old is sketching like crazy. Designing her room. Things on her list include a pearl beaded dust ruffle, a monogram duvet cover, a hammock or chair- she can't decide, polka dots, and a glitzy chandelier. She has narrowed her colors to hot pink, orange, turquoise, lime green, black & white. This could either be amazing or a disaster. There's no middle ground in our house! I need help.....


  1. I'm sure your flair will shine through and it will turn out awesome...I'm just glad its not me ;-)