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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Photo Prop

I'm always on the look-out for interesting photo props. There's a fine line between super cheesy props and WOW props. "Why use props at all?" you ask. Sometimes its hard to get a real smile. I can't tell you how many photos go in digital trash can because they look more like their posing for the dentist x-ray machine than smiling. Say cheese- and now you can count how many teeth are in their entire mouth! So that's why I use props. I get them acting like their diva-selves and I get some pretty great smiles that way. I can especially capture my kids personalities. The shy one, (nix that- NONE of my kids are shy when I pull out a camera) the sweet innocent one, the soon-to-be broadway star. It's all there, just waiting for a prop to show them how to be themselves. Here is my latest attempt at Christmas card photos. Take 3. That's right, 3 different times of dressing up, getting in the car, and bribing with candy. 3rd times a charm right? You be the judge:

Here are some chalk board thought bubbles: soon to be selling in my sisters store found here.
There are so many possibilities. Your child holding a naughty sign with an arrow pointing to big brother. A scrooge sign for the dad who doesn't want to pose for pics. What would mine say? Oh, that's easy. Trophy Wife. My hubs would say, Eye Candy. As you can see, we're a sarcastic family. But you get the drift. You simply write on chalkboard bubble and wipe off with a baby wipe when you've changed your mind. Easy peezy and a hint of funny. Best kind of pictures!


  1. FABULOUS!! Love it- and hello? I think you totally offended Rich- he is TOTAL eye candy, haha!

  2. such a fun idea!! where did you get the gray cardigan on your daughter? it is adorable!! i love your colors!

  3. I love the props! What a great idea!