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Sunday, February 13, 2011


So if I was more organized, I would've posted this a week ago. But that would make me an over achiever, and no one likes a show off right? I'm much better at procrastinating. In fact, I would say that it is a talent of mine to throw things together last minute and pretend like it was no big deal. This Valentines day was no exception. Some Mother's have turned basic shoe boxes into elaborate Barbie or Car themed Valentine holders for their kid's school parties. My kids got to add their name & stickers to gift boxes and call it a day. I did however, run across a cute valentine download that I had to share. It's on one of my favorite blogs. eighteen25. They were really easy to download and with a little help from photoshop, I was able to add my 3 kids pictures to them and upload them to Costco in under 30 minutes. Here is how they turned out.

I was able to fit 2 on a 4x6 picture and then cut them in half. Next, I taped them to sweetheart candy boxes. (That's the only candy left 2 days before Valentines- on a positive note, I will not be tempted to eat any left overs!) Maybe next year I'll be one of those super over achieving mom's and won't save ALL the details til the night before. But then again, whose kidding? A talent at procrastinating should not go to waste! Next on my v-day list: Fondu night. It's our favorite valentine tradition. Crossing my fingers there's some strawberries still left on the shelves!

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  1. Absolutely ADORABLE Andrea! I love them! Next year I will give you a ring a couple days before V Day and let you help me out since this year I washed my hands of it and called it a total bust. HA! Thanks for being such a bright spot in the world. Glad you are my new neighbor! Love Ya, Dana...