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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mint Oreo Truffle aka How to get a fat face

So, it was a big day at our house yesterday. We blessed Max at church and had brunch for family and friends after. Then we ended the day with a big Superbowl party. Also at our house. With cold and flu season in full force, let's just say my new motto is, "I can't kill every germ, but at least I can try!" Lots of cleaning going on with that many people at the house. But we had a great time and it was fun to catch up with everyone. So to make it to the blessing, everyone had to be to our church at 8:30 AM! Super early. And most people live at least 1/2 an hour away. So I wanted to show them all how thankful I was that they came. So I started with a box.

Tied it with a string and inside I tucked some of these bad boys in there.

No, seriously, mmmm. I've made 5 oreo boxes worth of these amazing creations in the past few weeks. And let me tell you, I'M PAYING FOR IT!!! My sister in law snapped some pics of us and I quickly realized I've got a bad case of FAT FACE! Believe you me- this is the most facially slimming picture of the bunch!

Aren't my three boys so cute though. Zeke was running around like a madman with all his cousins here, so he wasn't really into pictures. Oh well.
So I suppose you are ready to get a fat face yourself? I made these football shaped oreo truffles ala Bakerella last year for the Superbowl and love them so much more with mint oreos. Just crumble up a 1 lb. box of mint oreos (I used the food processor) until they're superfine. Then mix in 8 oz. of softened cream cheese and mix really, really well. Then make a bunch of little balls. Mine are about 2 teaspoons for each ball. Then freeze them. To dip them in white chocolate, melt half almond bark and half white chocolate chips. I've tried the dipping a couple different ways and found that using a toothpick to dip works pretty well. You'll have a little hole when you take the toothpick out, but just cover the hole with a little more white chocolate. And add some pink heart sprinkles cause they just look cuter that way. And people, seriously, learn from my mistake and try to have some self control. ;/I'd better start putting that biggest loser video game I got for Christmas to good use, eh?
P.S. FYI: They taste much better if you keep them in the fridge or freezer before eating. They're a little too soft if left room temperature.


  1. I'm so gonna make these for a v-day cookie exchange I have coming up. Yum!

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