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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photo wall is done!

Wow. I did it. I finally hung the photos I purchased from and it only took 8 months. Just call me speedy. The problem was that I couldn't decide on frames. With 9 photos, I felt like I was seeing a whole lot of frame and not really noticing the photos. I love the colors and feeling of the photos and really wanted them to pop out more than the wood frames. I chose glass edgeless frames from Hobby Lobby and they were a steal at 3.99 a pop. Only $36 for all 9. The photos were purchased from my favorite artist on etsy found here for $30. So my whole project cost under $70, which isn't my cheapest project. But it's also unique. And can you really put a price on unique? (um, yes. $66) Anyway, here's a before shot of my entry way:

Here's another shot with a DIY project that didn't last long. I got tired of it. It seemed too dark for me.

And here is my bright new entry way. I love the fun colors in these photos. Now I just need accessories for the console top. That's where I get stuck. Every. Time. Accessories can look junky to me. It's my nemesis. My love/hate relationship. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking of buying 3 more prints to add to my set. I have such high ceilings and I might need to go bigger. I love groups of 9 but a group of 12 could work here too. I think.

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  1. I love both your before and after. You could even switch them out with the seasons--the darker for the fall/winter? I'm with you on accessories looking junky sometimes. I always see these perfectly staged/accessorized homes on blogs and think, does it really look that way all the time? Probably not. If you run into the right accessory, it'll be perfect!