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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Night Pick Me UP

Sunday night can be a bit stressful, looking at the week's calendar filled with a long to-do list, a fun weekend behind you and 5 days of business til the next break. I suffer from Sunday Night depression. Always have. The one thing that cheers me up? Treats! It's been a childhood tradition of smelling fresh baked cinnamon rolls or carmel corn or fresh berry pies on Sunday evenings. I miss home. Sniff, sniff. I miss having a personal chef & housekeeper aka: newly appreciated mom. My kids got a rotten draw for homemade goodness when they got me as a mom. But who says they can't have fun treats? Enter the white trash cook......

Here is my Sunday Night treat. Sorry kids, the homemade cinnamon rolls won't happen unless dad's feeling generous. The home made pies won't be baked unless you go to Grammy's house. My culinary skills are shameful, especially with all my training! Atleast I recognize my failures right?

Are directions really necessary on this? Not sure, but in case you're kitchen skills are pathetic like mine here's how you make these babies.

Chocolate covered Cinnamon Bears:


-1 Dolci Frutta container- microwave chocolate (I've melted my own chocolate but it never dries as good as this stuff, so I gave up)

-45 cinnamon bears (difficult to find in Texas- only found at Sportsmen Stores)

-tooth picks

-wax paper

Prepare the wax paper. Push the toothpicks into the bears slightly to make dipping easier. Prepare the Dolci Frutta as directed & dip the gummy bears. Wait til they dry completely to remove toothpicks. If you have any left overs (which you won't!) wrap them up and give to your white trash lovin' friends. They won't think less of you after trying these cinnamon bombs!

The world is a better place with cinnamon & chocolate as BFF's, don't ya think?

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