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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

baby got NO back....

I have wanted new bar stools for. ev. er!  We have had our current bar stools for 14 years now.  One of our first purchases when we got married.  The problem with these chairs is that they're light weight and when kids sit on them, they tend to fall.   The back of the stools actually make the chair off balance and I'm always afraid the kids are going to snap one of their legs in half when it falls.  I'm still shocked we've never had an e.r. trip with how many falls these chairs have taken.  And I've probably used over 7 bottles of super glue in the past few years just trying to keep these chairs together. (not to mention, duct tape and band aids)  I've been googling over some bar stools from World Market.  And this weekend they went on sale.  $10 off.  Not a steal by any means, but they're very well built and if they last another 14 years I'm pretty sure I'll get my money's worth.


Good bye old bar stools.  You've been in every apartment and home we've ever lived in.  (Am I seriously getting sentimental about bar stools right now?)

Hello my little industrial.  Heavy duty.  Adjustable.  Spin-able beauties.....


Don't ya just wanna buy them a drink?  (non- alcoholic of course)


We've already had our first fall on them.  But the chair stayed put.  Never left the ground.  Cause baby got (no) back.   That song is gonna be in your head now, huh?  You're welcome....

And on another note.  My baby just went to his first day of preschool.  I've never sent a child to formal preschool and certainly never for 5 hours!  But this kid wants it.  At least I think so.  Here is his expression when dropping him off.....
I won't show you my expression.  But just imagine a total stranger holding me as we both cried together.  Seriously.  Don't even know her name or if she even had a preschooler.  She just saw my expression and she started to cry which made me cry more which made her cry more and well, you get it.  Pathetic.

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