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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dream Kitchens

I'm day dreaming constantly of my next home. I really want to build a home and make all the choices on flooring and door knobs, lighting & tile. It sounds so fun, right? Except I'm terrified of choosing something & regretting it in 2 yrs. I've made that mistake with custom (insanely ugly & supposedly trendy at the time) sofas & was stuck with them for years. I really don't want to make a costly mistake again. So I've been pinning away on (if you don't know what that is- you're seriously missing out on some fun & time sucking action!) I figure in a couple months after I've collected all a bunch of pins, I'll see a few reacurring themes and know for sure that I must really like that tile or style. Here's what I've been busy dreaming of....
Image found here:

I love the industrial lighting and stools. Gorgeous! I'm too afraid to do open shelves though. I'm not so good at the accessorizing. I'm more of the "shove everything into the cabinet & shut the door & hope nothin' falls out of it" kinda girl.....

image found here:

This kitchen is just plain dreamy to me.... yellow bar stools (awesome right?) and the massive light fixture is a beauty. I want that light!

image found here

I love how a kitchen can be new and still feel lived in with accents of history. The stools must have a story & I'm thinking those lights have been repurposed. Get the sense I like industrial?

This kitchen found here: You gotta check out the whole house tour. It's perfection! I'm loving the school house lights and the fun upholstered bench.

Sorry, I can't find the original owner of this picture! But I love the wood & tile floor. And the black wall is a really fun contrast! And the light..... well you know I super heart the light!

This is an actual kitchen, you know the ones that are used by multiple people and not just found in mansions. Yes- this is more realistic and also just fun! image found here: You better look at her whole house though- because she has some serious flair..... and I love a girl with flair! I love the cabinetry and hardware throughout this whole house. Its the details that make me love this house....

So as you can tell by all my pictures. I'm kind of obsessed with white cabinets. My husband wants stained wood so I think our center island will be the stained wood while the rest of the kitchen is white. It's a compromise, but one that will make our kitchen less boring too. Because I'm afraid of being boring!

Anyone had white cabinets? What's your opinion on them? Do you love them or hate them?

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