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Thursday, March 22, 2012

wedding planner

I wanna be a wedding planner when I grow up. I want to spend other people's money on cake. I want to sample cake. (I pretty much want to sample all wedding food) Then, I want to play dress up with blushing brides & put sparkly tiara's on their heads & pick out fabric flower sashes for their dresses. I want to pick out flower center pieces, ice sculptures for the food table & then send the bride & groom to dance class to learn an awesome "first dance" hip hop routine. (riot with me people! no more boring first dances!) I want pick out pretty invitations, photo-booth boxes, chocolate fountains & italian soda bars. I want it all! And I want to have a bazillion dollars to get married every Saturday night. (don't worry babe- you'll still be the groom, although I'm pretty sure after the first time, you wouldn't mind hiring a stunt double to stand in your place) Big SIGH..... Doesn't this sound divine?

Of course I'm leaving out all the wedding mishaps, inevitably the drama, including those "Jerry Springer" moments with some of the family/errr I mean guests :) But I can dream nontheless! And so I do, because in just 3 months my lil brother is marrying the cutest, wanna stick her in your pocket, gorgeous & talented (J-Lo watch out) girl you could possibly imagine! How did he score such an awesome girl- sorry bro, but she's totally out of your league:)

And so I begin to plan my dream wedding. I mean, THEIR dream wedding if it were up to me and money was not an issue. Because in dream world I already won Publishers Clearing House. So, here's my plans:

You must have a wedding video, but not the lame ones they did in the 90's. One like this:

Chris and Jill Wedding from Blue Lily Photo on Vimeo.

Mason jars: they are perfect for summertime weddings & for holding candles. A must have!

A picnic style wedding, where the dessert table is all about the sugar and less about the pretty. I dig me somer real food at a wedding!

Did you notice the mason jars and the paper banner? Next up- photos. I must have photos and more photos and cool ones wrapped around trees? Well the tree has to have some bling too you know!

Outdoor lanterns and old window frames all painted in one color. Dreamy!

How cute is it to use real antique furniture outside? Love this whole display! Cake. The real reason you showed up to the wedding. Well, you know its the reason the groom showed up :) I'm obsessed with this new ruffle look. Simple, elegant and all about the ruffles!

Dear candy table, I may be visiting you shortly. And then staying overnight. Yep, I'll just scoot my chair over here and call this my table.

The colors I imagine at my brother/sister's (in law) wedding. So fun!

The invitations I would totally do if I were getting married. I love the all postcard one- especially when the money fairy didn't arrive!

Another cake. Perfection (if you take away the bow) Just flowers, no bow. It's one or the other folks!

The ruffle cake on left is my ALL. TIME. FAVE!

not so sure about the left picture, but the smore table is right up my alley!

If you do boutineers this one is chic. But personally, I think their a little (slightly)lame. Because, lets be honest, no guy wants to wear a flower.

It's all about the phototgraphy. And I may just have to do a post just on poses and ideas because that's one thing I regret. Not having a cool photographer. Mine ended up being a crime scene photographer. But I didn't find that out til the day of my wedding. So I had to hold REAL still for every photo. True story....

If I could live in wedding land. This would be my backyard and I'd eat dinner every night on this table. It looks similar to my parents backyard and a dinner a few years ago we had. It was heavenly.....

I'm all about the sentimental factor and these table setting numbers are perfect!

The brides bouquet. I love simplicity with peonies and roses. Or an all over bouquet of Cala lilies. But this one screams flair. Dontcha think?

All original photo sites can be found on my pinterest board, found here:

So, I obviously have a little obsession with dreaming of other peoples weddings. Its too much stinkin fun. I don't think they have to be outrageously expensive either. Its simple. Yummy food, candles, flowers, & dancing. Lots of dancing!

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