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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Infomercial Sucker

I have two kinds of best friends. Ones who bring me chocolate & diet cokes and ones who suck me into their cute packaging and exciting commercials. Marketing companies know just how make me give away my first born with their promises of younger fresher skin, perfectly toned thighs & antibacterial all natural cleaners. Yes, sadly, I am one of those people. The QVC, Home Shopping Network, Infomercial Sucker.

But on a good note, now I can give you my opinion on some of the products I've purchased and you can decide for yourself!

First off: The X5 Steam Mop
This X5 has worked pretty well for me. There are a whole lot more attachments & my sweet husband, who also loves a good infomercial, bought every. single. one! We've cleaned white shower grout. (well its white now!) We've cleaned our oven, steam cleaned all the tile floors and even done some blinds & windows with it. It does cook tops, grills and even carpet! I wasn't impressed with the carpet attachment though, it's definitely not the best whole carpet cleaner but it would work well on one spot of your carpet by using it without any attachments and soaking up the dirt with a dry white rag. I'd avoid using a colored rag as it may bleed onto your carpet. I didn't try it on my wood floor as I was too afraid to. We've had warping issues and I didn't want to risk it, but supposedly its meant for wood. It has temp adjuster that's basically hot, red lava hot & firework/carbomb hot... (Yeah, it's real high tech.) But overall, it has saved me some money in hiring someone to clean all my stubborn spots and I love it on my kitchen and bathroom floors. Long term though, I'm not sure how long it was built to last. But fortunately, I feel like I already got my moneys worth!

Next up: Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty
I was a bit offended when my husband bought me a kit of face products. What? I have bad skin & you noticed? How embarrassing! But I was on a girls trip & he said "he missed me & wanted to buy me something I wouldn't buy myself to surprise me." How cute is that? Ok, not mad. Let's try it! I gotta say in 2 days I noticed my skin looked great. I don't even think I wore foundation! That's huge people! I kept it up for 3 weeks, but to be honest- it's a lot of steps for me. I'm more like a one step, possibly two if you catch me on a good day, step kinda girl. After 2 weeks I didn't notice much of a difference but I think I just got used to having good skin, so it was less noticeable? Don't know, but the products lasted me a long, long, time. Some I still never opened. I really like the night time cream & the glowing serum. Definitely my faves & I do recommend it. Just make sure you cancel the auto renew and just order what you like after your first shipment.

3rd impulse buy goes to: Billy Blanks Tae Bo

This is one tough workout and I highly recommend it. But Billy- please change your outfit and fix that awful awful music. The techno repeating "music" was torture. I had to mute it, once I memorized it & play my own jams. Yeah I said jams, I either sound like a 70yr old man now or someone in a lame band.....

Nuff about that lets move on to: My least favorite purchase, Tony Little's Gazelle

Who wouldn't want to buy this when you see this happy, perfectly fit woman? A Gazelle is a dainty deer like animal that is fast and light on their feet. I was supposed to feel light and airy. I was barely pregnant when I ordered this and thought it would work great for my hip problems during pregnancy. One movement on that & I was down for the count for 2 weeks. Don't try this when you're preggos. But after I was pregnant, I didn't think I was doing it right. It never seemed like a great workout, but it was fun. It's more like a fun toy. It was cheap, only around $100 but I feel bad because it took up so much room and every time I looked at it I felt very un-dainty Gazelle like..... I'd pass on this one folks

Ok- last on my list: The Michael Thurmond 6 week Complete Body Makeover

Remember that show Extreme Makeover? Is it on anymore? Anyway. It was amazing. It was unreal. They did plastic surgery, but still, alot of the time they did it on the face only and they transformed the rest of the body. It was unbelievable! I had to try it. It took a little bit of time to put it all together, taking a test on your body type which I'm still unsure if I got it right & then pulling out the right cards for that body type and putting it a book. The diet is hard people. It's alot of pre prep, constantly thinking about your next meal, work. But it is the healthiest I've EVER felt. All natural foods, eating all the time, and eating Xtremely healthy. It is the best diet I've ever done. And with that said. I haven't been able to be successful since the first time I've tried it, but I'm thinking its because it's dang hard & I haven't fully stuck to the program. It should work if you have motivation & your body will feel amazing. Your mood however, may not. I was a little grouchy on this diet. But that's how I feel without chocolate & diet coke. I need chocolate. Can anyone find a diet for me that includes some mint m&m's? Thanks, that would be great. Speaking of which, I just remembered my mom's diet growing up.... a handful of plain m&m's or semi-sweet choc chips before every meal. You know, as an appetite suppressor..... I'm not kidding. My mom had 7 children and looks fantastic. It worked for her. It's still shocking that us kids didn't end up diabetic. But the thing is, we ate all natural foods. We ate real sugar, sparingly (well not so much). But we also ate a TON of fruits and veggies and only a little meat. We ate fantastic. Real gourmet every night. Rarely ate out & weight was never an issue. I think its because we ate like this diet. (Minus the dessert after EACH meal- not kidding, EACH meal!) No powders & shakes, no packaged foods. Just natural good food. Michael Thurmond even allows white rice! So yes, if you have the will power, this diet is a good kick in the pants! I lost 7lbs the first week. 21lbs in 3 weeks! And I surprisingly kept it off.... until recently. Whoops....

So there you have my not so professional opinion on these products. Overall, I've been pretty happy with our late night shopping escapades. Hopefully you'll feel the same about these products if you try them..... Happy infomercial shopping.......Sucker! :)

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