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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Honey Boo Boo Review

It's pretty funny that of all my blog posts, my Honey Boo Boo reviews double the amount of hits that a regular post gets.  Not that I'm counting....  Apparantly we can't help ourselves from watching and hearing about this hot mess of a train wreck.  Here's the highlights from this week's episode.

-"Sshhh.  It's a Wig."  That's the name of the wig store.  Now most people look at that name and think, couldn't you have come up with something catchier?  But have Honey Boo Boo say it 15 times in the first 5 minutes of the show and suddenly it's sounds clever.  Aw man, I think I'm getting dumber just watching this show!

-Sugar bear (that's the dad) thinks mama looks "smexy" in a wig.  And then proceeds to say something that immediately makes me run for a waste basket to puke in.  Mama in a wig.  Sugar bear in a wig.  The word smexy.  The combination makes my stomach turn....  And then sugar bear comes home with a full blown mullet wig.  There's no keeping down my dinner tonight.

-New nickname for Sugar Bear.  "Shugie."

-New favorite mama bear quote;  "Bein' voluptuous, heat and me don't mix with my body.  It don't mix with my digestive system very well. 'Cause that's why I don't eat."  (insert her hiccuping & add a burp)

-Sugar Bear/Shugie sets up an above ground pool while the girls all complain.  That sounds about right- I may or may not have some similarities in my own family.  Oh No!  We're similar?  The thought makes me shiver....

-Honey Boo Boo goes to a restaurant with the family and orders meat with a side of meat and then another side of meat.  She can't understand why her whole meal can't just be fried meat......

-Shugie corrects Honey Boo Boo and says "we're not fat.  We're pleasingly plump."  I think that's supposed to be Pleasantly Plump Sugar Bear.  Let's just say that table manners escaped them the rest of the night.

-My favorite part of the show is watching store & restaraunt workers stare at this family.  I realize, "oh good, they think they're crazy too.  Phew.  The world is still ok."

-I love Mama's interview on a sofa in the front yard.  Now you're just trying to be predictable Mama!

-The local department store is a dumpster.  Um, you read that right.  Dumpster.  Mama Bear adds,  "And you can always find a good deal.  Like one time we got a surround sound system and the only thing missing was the speaker."  Say what?

-"They should have a Dumpster Diva Pageant because I would win." -Honey Boo Boo (Can't wait for that new series!)

-Red neck air conditioning=  Wet towel on head.

This show never ceases to amaze, disgust, enlighten & offend me.  Well done TLC, well done.



  1. I love your recaps! I keep meaning to catch an episode, but I'm scared I'll get dumber just watching it!

  2. Oh thank you. I have been awake since 4am bc I think it is 6am (ya know I am in cali) and your recap just had me laughing outloud again. You should contact TLC and tell them you are the best writer for that show. You could have pop ups during the episode. Ha ha ha.

  3. AGGGHH I did a post on this show today also - I've never been so horrified by anything on t.v. before - TLC should be absolutely ashamed of themselves - what will become of this little girl????