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Monday, August 9, 2010

Family Reunion- Minute to Win it!

We had a really fun time playing this at our family reunion. All thanks to Mandy. There's just something about late nights, food games, and a camera that bring out the crazy in us! Here's a really fun game to play with your family or friends. Small crowd or big- this is really fun!

Penny Race: Get some pantyhose, preferably new. (or dirty and watch people squirm faster!) Place a penny in the foot of each leg & have someone hold them to start. See photo below. You can't have your hands touch anything while you retrieve your pennies. Much harder than you think and requires much concentration. (or a funny expression works too!)

Oreo Race- This is my favorite! Place an oreo on your forehead and without using your hands, get the oreo into your mouth. I challenge you to do it gracefully. It looks more like an excorsism when I do it. Of course, I looked like that in every challenge!
Skittle challenge- Two bowls per person needed. Place ten skittles in one bowl and with a straw move each skittle to the other bowl. Then do a happy dance. Preferably IF you win. Rich won this round & Renee's hopes and dreams of becoming a professional skittle sucker were dashed. Then she took Mandy and me on. Not much of a challenge as you can see.

Apple Stacking: Stack 5 apples and have them hold in place for 3 seconds. Much harder than it looks!

We had so much fun playing these games. The best part is looking at the pictures afterward and seeing the hilarious facial expressions that come as people are trying to concentrate! So keep your camera handy!

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